I turned 40 last year. This year I formed a family. My son was born in July, bringing full joy and complexity into my otherwise simple life. His arrival changed everything, both to his mother and me. It also changed some priorities and made me realize I’m fully responsible for the future of this new life; that includes being there for him, which is hard if I’m employed full-time and have a daily commute of two hours.

For around fifteen years, I’ve been an IT worker. I started doing tech support for Windows PCs and kept doing it for long enough. I later migrated to ConfigMgr administration, which was intellectually rewarding the first two years, and for the most part boring after that. I had to learn PowerShell to automate my daily tasks, but felt in better company with C#. Some tools I did in Common Lisp –a language I really enjoy–, some others in C#. The past few years have been truly dull, with some personal projects I started and never finished for a myriad of reasons.

A month before my son was born, something clicked on me. My job was tedious and I saw no prospect of it ever changing nor the people in managing positions. My salary hit a ceiling impossible to break and my family needed more money than I was making. The only thing that could change was me, and so I did. I decided to start a one man software development company.

I loved Macs and their OS and applications for years, even before I got to own one. But never before I considered the possibility of making software for them. Well it turns out I just did, hence I’m writing this post.

Finding an original idea is hard; implementing it correctly is even harder; making it profitable is probably a lot of marketing and luck. So I went for a variation of software that already exists. Not a copy. Just different enough to make it worthwhile to build, to bring something different in a sea of choices. We’ll see how it turns out once it’s finished and released.

I am not quitting my job just yet.

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