I have been advancing very slowly developing “The Application”. It’s a shoebox style application with Core Data as persistence engine and Charts framework for drawing charts. I have yet to find and select a reporting framework. As I have a full-time job and a newborn baby, there’s very little time left to design, program or even think about “The Application”, to the point of stressing myself every day when I have to postpone my OmniPlan project tasks. Couple my lack of time with fighting against core data bindings and NSTokenField –it’s driving me nuts– and the idea of ever completing “The Application” is slipping away.

When I started this project, my knowledge included all sorts of languages and platforms, except… guess what… Right, Swift and Cocoa. So I had to learn –and I am still learning– a language and a couple frameworks. So far I’m loving it and I crave for more time to work on my project.

Developing “The Application”: Advancing Slowly
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