I just deleted my personal Facebook account, in light of the already well-known data leak. I joined for the first time about 7 years ago, coerced by my coworkers, and had closed it at least once. It looks like it always comes down to the same things with Facebook: people don’t post anything interesting. It’s always cooking recipes (of which I’ve saved many and never got to cook even one of them), questionnaires, religious propaganda or politics. Indeed it summarizes to stuff that is totally boring and non-personal. And Facebook was supposed to be all about sharing our personal lives, right?

The thing is people don’t want to share. Only the ones looking for attention do mostly. But over time, and especially since I became a father, I’ve been very reluctant to post anything related to my son or wife. I don’t want everyone to know everything about us. Those that really want to can get in touch with us by other more traditional means. I also found that some people are content with knowing about us virtually, but they don’t happen to have enough time to come by our house for an old-fashioned coffee and chat. I regard them as Facebook friends, or more precisely non-friends, and finally stop caring about them.

Of course boredom is not the only and real reason. I don’t want to keep feeding Facebook my data so it can be sold, used and abused by anyone. I don’t want to be a sheep anymore. My actions may even move some people in my circles to also cancel their Facebook accounts, which is great.

But wait! If you delete Facebook, how do you get in touch with your friends and relatives? There’s WhatsApp, which is a wonderful replacement for a phone. Just send them a message and that’s it. You don’t even need to call them! I have the phone number of the people I care the most. I share pictures of my son privately with them, without the rest of the world knowing about it. It turns out I was using Facebook as a calendar and notification system for upcoming birthdays. Go figure my phone also has a calendar.


I Deleted My Facebook Account
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