Time tracking and Invoicing for Mac.
Built for freelancers.


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Requires macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher. Supports Mojave dark mode. Ready for Catalina.

Version 1.5 | Release Notes

About FreelanceStation

The one-stop solution for time tracking

FreelanceStation is a time tracking app for Mac specifically designed and built for freelancers. It has everything you need to work: easy manual time tracking, client, project and task management, estimate and invoice generation, payment recording and transaction exporting to accounting software.

If that isn't enough for you, check out the following features:


Time Tracking

Track your time easily using a task based approach. Start and stop the timer from FreelanceStation's main window, the dock icon or the menu bar. Plenty of options!

You can edit, add and remove time entries at any time.

FreelanceStation Dock and Menubar

Project Management

Manage all your projects and tasks from a single view.

You can assign a priority to your projects to quickly find the most important ones, and filter the view by project or client name.

FreelanceStation Project View


Invoice your clients without hassle. FreelanceStation uses a task based approach for your projects.

Invoices are generated from a previously created estimate. Most data is already pre-filled for you from the project and its tasks.

You can add a discount, a deposit that your client is required to pay in advance and customize footer and terms.

FreelanceStation Invoice Editor

Multiple Activities with Multiple Currencies

FreelanceStation supports an unlimited number of activities. If you have different jobs, you can separate them by activity.

Use any currency in any project. FreelanceStation will do hourly rate conversion automatically.

FreelanceStation Activities Window

HTML Templates

Estimates and Invoices are generated from HTML templates you can customize at will.

FreelanceStation HTML Templates

Integration with Apple Calendar and Reminders

Export your project tasks as Calendar events and never lose track of pending work.

Automatically creates reminders for pending payments so you never miss a payment.

FreelanceStation Calendar Integration

Integration with Apple Contacts

Select your clients contacts directly from your address book. It doesn't get easier.

FreelanceStation Contact

Payment Recording

Record payments received from your clients to maintain a proper accounting history. These transactions can be exported to accounting software.

FreelanceStation Record Payment

Transaction Exporting to QIF Format

Export your payments to QIF file format. QIF is an industry de facto standard supported by most accounting software.

FreelanceStation Export QIF

Time Log with CSV Export

Review and modify your time entries at will. You can export them all or a selection to a CSV file for processing in Apple Numbers or importing to other software.

FreelanceStation Time Log


Complete Privacy

Your data is yours and never leaves your Mac. FreelanceStation respects your privacy and stores all your information locally.

Fully Native Experience

FreelanceStation is built exclusively for macOS, in contrast with other solutions that are web based, or bloated cross-platform repackaged webapps. It is fast and energy efficient. There is no need to register and then log in every time to any service. Just click on the FreelanceStation icon and it's open!

Work Offline

Work anywhere without worrying about your internet connection. FreelanceStation does not require internet to operate.


FreelanceStation runs inside a sandbox. Your Mac data is safe from corruption.