A quick task list for your Mac menu bar

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Requires macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or higher.

Version 1.4 | Release Notes

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Integration with Reminders icon

Integration with Reminders

Items created in Apple Reminders appear in PopDo automatically, as well as tasks created in PopDo will appear as items in Reminders.

Integration with iCloud icon

Integration with iCloud

All your tasks and lists will be stored in iCloud and available on all your devices.

Priority Indicator icon

Color based priority indicator

Set task priorities using a semaphore-like color based priority indicator with 4 levels of priority.

Color coding icon

Custom task colors

Mark tasks with colors. Color-coded tasks are easier to find visually.

View mode icon

View modes

Two view modes to fit your workflow:

  • Full Mode: shows all tasks grouped by their lists.
  • Compact Mode: shows all tasks with only the title visible.
Alarm icon


Attach a reminder to a task so you get notified when the task is due.

PopDo also extracts dates from the task title using a natural language analyzer.

Quick Task icon

Quick Task

Easily create new tasks without opening the main window with Quick Task. You can use textual date description for reminders and assign a target list.


Fully Native Experience

PopDo is built exclusively for macOS using native toolkits.


PopDo runs inside a sandbox. Your Mac data is safe from corruption.