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Hello there 👋. I’m Sebastián, the owner and only developer of DS9 Software, my lifestyle business.

I started developing my first project, FreelanceStation before my son was born, in 2017. The idea was to launch in six months as it was going to be a simple time-tracking application. Julián was born in July and six months later, the app wasn’t finished. The feature set kept expanding from a simple time-tracking app to also include invoicing and everything related to it. It’s safe to say that it would have been impossible to finish it in less than a year.

Parenting has been challenging to say the least, and the 1.0 release of FreelanceStation took two years, with a couple of short beta releases previous to that. The app was very rough in the beginning, and each successive release brought more common-sense to it. There’s still a long road ahead and many improvements to make while developing the next versions.

The year 2020 began with a new app release. PopDo is ToDo list for the Mac menu bar which makes it convenient for accessing your tasks and quickly creating new ones. Development began in November 2019 and the first release was during the first days of January 2020. There was no beta period and the app was also rough, with a small feature set. It was quickly picked up by Apple and featured in the Mac App Store’s section “Apps and Games We Love Right Now”. It wasn’t ready for being featured, and that showed in many ratings and some reviews. In the following months, I released new versions with lots of improvements the users asked for. I can’t possibly repeat how much user feedback is important for improving software. PopDo was created because I didn’t find Reminders convenient for my daily use. The very first version was what I needed. But the following versions were what its users wanted. I am very grateful for receiving such great feedback ❤️.

This year I released LunarSight, an iOS app for Moon enthusiasts. It was my second iOS app, and I have been developing it for several months in late 2020. This is the kind of technical project I wanted to build for a while. I intentionally made a basic version with only the most useful stuff, and left out the time-consuming and complex features such as charts, maps and AR for a later release.

I still have plenty of ideas for new projects, but as time is a hard constraint, I focus on improving my already built projects.

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Sebastián Benítez

Owner & Developer

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