FreelanceStation 1.3 is now available for update in the App Store.

This release includes changes some users asked for, as the past release.

What’s new in this release:

- New: Add time to any task manually.
- New: An onboarding window will appear when first running the application to help new users setup FreelanceStation.
- New: Invoices can now be deleted.
- New: Idle detection. Automatically stops the timer after a configured threshold, and resumes when activity is detected.
- Changed: Task durations now support duration in minutes.
- Changed: Labour unit name in documents can now be modified to other than “Hour”. You could use this to add labour items that don’t fit the “hourly rate” scheme, such as using a rate per page of book translated, or a fixed price per translated word. This was requested by a translator for whom the standard way of invoicing by the hour doesn’t work.
- Fixed: A crash that occurred when deleting the last activity while the Summary view was selected.
- Fixed: An issue with automatic timer start/stop when receiving wake, sleep, lock and unlock events.
- Fixed: Minor UI bugs.


You can download a free 30 dial trial here.