FreelanceStation is a Mac time tracker. It was created to be only available for Macs and there was no question about it. But the introduction of macOS Big Sur was a huge indicator that all Apple platforms are going to be integrated and unified. All apps available in iOS for iPhone or iPad would eventually be made available for Mac, and ideally many Mac apps would also be available under iOS, where it makes sense.

FreelanceStation 2 Will Be Available on iPhone and iPad

FreelanceStation is one such app where it would be useful to have an iOS companion app for time tracking. So the next major release of FreelanceStation, version 2.0, will also be available for iPhone and iPad. The very first releases for these two platforms would have a somewhat limited implementation, the app would be able to do some basic things and would focus mainly on time tracking and making invoices. Eventually it would be on-par with the macOS version.

There are several features missing from FreelanceStation 1, such as a visual designer for invoice templates, reports, being able to get online payments through Paypal and Stripe, barcode generators, digital invoice generation for countries that require it and some import and export options. FreelanceStation 2 will have all that implemented.

Free Upgrades to All FreelanceStation 1 Users

FreelanceStation 2 will be available on the App Store as a free upgrade to all those who previously purchased FreelanceStation 1, and will only support macOS versions starting from Catalina. By the time of release, if there are no FreelanceStation 1 users on High Sierra or Mojave, it will be retired from the Mac App Store, otherwise the version 1 will be available and maintained while it still has users on those two OS versions.

Development has just begun, so there is still a long road ahead before the first beta is available.