FreelanceStation 1.36 is now available for download on the main site and on the Mac App Store.

This update ensures compatibility with macOS Ventura, fixes several issues and adds a new feature to simplify project creation for those projects that always start with the same tasks: task templates.

This release also switches versioning to major.minor, an old versioning scheme that doesn’t put an emphasis in micro versions for bug fixes only. The reasoning behind this change is that I can release new builds with both bug fixes and other improvements, and include new features without thinking this fix should go on this version and that feature should go in another version. I kept the major version 1, because I’m not introducing huge changes, and I set the minor version to the number of previous releases plus one.

Task Templates:

Task templates are a way to save time if you work with multiple projects that have the same task structure. By creating a task template group with preconfigured tasks, in your next project you just need to select the task template to automatically fill the task list with those from the template.

To access them, open the New Project editor and go to Tasks tab:

New Project Editor

Click on Select a template and then on Edit tasks templates… . The following window should open: Task template editor

In this window, on the left panel you can add new task template groups, and in the right panel each task part of the selected group. On closing of this window, you can select your newly created task template group to use as tasks.


  • In previous versions of FreelanceStation, on first run, a Contacts access request would be displayed prematurely, even if it wasn’t needed at the moment. This release corrects this and moves that request to the New Client dialog.
  • The accent color for the dark style was updated with a lighter more contrasting variation.
  • The table columns of the Tasks tab in the New Project dialog were fixed and could not be resized. This issue has been addressed in this release.
  • Previously there was an option to set the toolbar style of the app. This option was removed in this release, as it’s no longer necessary.
  • Several aspects of the UI have been improved.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some issues in the project inspector.
  • The application sidebar had a width issue that was corrected.
  • The selection color of file links in the inspector didn’t adapt to the background color. This was fixed.

You can download FreelanceStation for a free trial, or purchase a license.