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Version 2022.0 | Release Notes


Moon Phase

Accurate rendering of the current moon phase with useful parameters such as rise and set times, illumination, altitude, heading, age and distance.


Ephemeris generation for any month, year and location on the planet.

Includes the most relevant data, such as Date, Moon Age, Right Ascension, Declination, Rise, Transit and Set times, and Astrological Sign.

Moon Parameters

The most accurate and up to date information of the Moon’s parameters at your reach. Also includes some Sun parameters.
Updated every second. Does not require an internet connection.


A quick glance at the Moon phase for each day of the month. Time travel to any day by tapping on it. Includes zodiac sign.

Astrological Wheel

The astrological wheel shows the current position of the Moon and Sun on the constellations.

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