PopDo for Mac

A quick task list for your Mac menu bar

Download on the Mac App Store

No subscription required. License is perpetual. The trial runs for 15 days.

Requires macOS 12.0 (Monterey) or higher. Works on macOS 14 Sonoma.

PopDo Main Screen

View Modes

Full & compact modes to suit your workflow.

Switch on Minimalist Mode for less UI.

Quick Task

Quickly add new tasks with a keyboard shortcut.
Available always without opening the main window.

Set a reminder date using textual dates. Put the task in a specific list by using the hashtag #ListName. Flag the task by appending a !! marker.


PopDo is configurable to adapt to your needs.

PopDo Task Preferences

More Features

Integration with Reminders icon

Integration with Reminders

Items created in Apple Reminders appear in PopDo automatically, as well as tasks created in PopDo will appear as items in Reminders.

Integration with iCloud icon

Integration with iCloud

All your tasks and lists will be stored in iCloud and available on all your devices.

Color Based Priority Indicator icon

Color Based Priority Indicator

Set task priorities using a semaphore-like color based priority indicator with 4 levels of priority.

Alarms icon


Attach a reminder to a task so you get notified when the task is due.
PopDo also extracts dates from the task title using a natural language analyzer.

Custom Taks Colors icon

Custom Task Colors

Mark tasks with colors. Color-coded tasks are easier to find visually.

Search, Filter & Sort

Search, Filter & Sort

Find your tasks easily by searching, filtering and sorting them.


Fully Native Experience

PopDo is built exclusively for macOS using native toolkits.


PopDo runs inside a sandbox. Your Mac data is safe from corruption.

Customer Reviews

"Star added for the exceptional listening skills of the developer. This app is perfect now! Don't hesitate to grab it."

Barlin from United States

"Does what it promises. It's a great utility app. Highly recommended."

george-v from Greece

"Great, just what I needed..."

jakubklimes from Czech Republic

"A great complement for Apple Reminders."

EsmeraldaRamos from Mexico

"Quick access to a menubar tool for making those todo items and reminders on the fly. Seamless integration with built-in Reminders. Simple and effective."

Vibrant J from United States

"It's a must have if you use Apple Reminders."

mekyuzir from Turkey

"...Overall the App works well and I am pleased with the purchase having used the demo free version first. The developer was very responsive to a question I asked."

Podpure from UK

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